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A step-by-step guide to downloading the Instagram story

The 24-hour time restriction is gone. Do you want to download Instagram stories easily? Look no further! We’ve got you covered. That’s as simple as it gets! You can watch your favourite stories whenever you want to get inspired!

Find your favourite Instagram story

Open the Instagram app or login into your account on the Instagram website, then head to the profile of the person you want to download your Instagram story

Copy the link or username of the profile

When you locate the profile, copy the link by tapping the three dots, clicking on the profile URL, or copying the username.

Paste the copied link or username

Launch a browser on your phone or laptop and navigate to the website, and in the box, paste your link.

Download the Instagram story

Click on the search button to download your Instagram story.

What is an Instagram story downloader?

Instagram story is a popular feature of Instagram, allowing users to share their favourite moments or content in the format of the story, which disappears after 24 hours.

Story of Instagram can be included in photos and videos placed on the top row of the home page in feeds.

When you view stories of someone on Instagram, you can find some of them funny or attractive and want to share some on your profile or save it on your device to see them offline. But you know that Instagram does not let you download any content by itself.

So, how can you do it? Don’t worry. One of the tools that come in handy for downloading content from Instagram is DJdownloader, which offers you a tool to download Instagram stories.

It is a web-based tool with various options for saving Instagram content which is not normally possible on the Instagram platform since it needs an option for downloading stories, highlight, IGTV, caption, bio, etc.

When you want to save photos or videos uploaded to Instagram by different accounts, you can use this reliable, free, quick and secure tool.

To learn more about this platform, you can see the next section introducing DJdonwloader features.

Other tools of the DJ downloader site that you can use for free include:

Instagram Video Downloader

Instagram Reels Downloader

Download Instagram Story

Why should you choose the DJdownloader website to use?

Here are features of DJdownloader that provide you with them when you want to download Instagram stories:

Unlimited use with ease

Users are not limited to this website and can download unlimited Instagram stories.

100% free to download

It's a free tool that lets you save stories from Instagram with just a few clicks

Downloading high resolutio

n Downloading high-resolution Instagram stories gives you a clear image to share somewhere else.

With any device & OS

All kinds of device such as a tablet, pc, phones or any operating system is supported by this website

High-speed downloading

To download Instagram stories within minutes, you can rely on the website

No account or login needed

To utilize the features of this website, no account or registration is required. You can access the website, enter the URL of the Instagram story you want to download, and initiate the download process.

Downloading story without label

When you download an Instagram story with this tool, there is no concern about resharing the story because of the profile picture icon of the story publisher


To download an Instagram story from this website, follow the steps mentioned in the previous section.

No, your security is the priority of the website, and no one will not detect that you download their stories.

Yes, you can download Instagram stories without concern about being accused, but to preserve private accounts privacy, you cannot download stories of personal accounts.

All types of content, including photos or videos, are supported by this website, and you can download videos and photos.

No, you can quickly download Instagram stories, regardless of their type.

None of them, since you don’t need to register for the benefits of the DJdownloader feature.

The feature of this website is completely free, and you don’t need to pay for an Instagram story.

You can download Instagram stories several times and use tools unlimited times.

No, the good news is you can download the Instagram story without labelling the story with the profile icon of the story publisher