How we can do delete fake page followers en masse?

How we can do delete fake page followers en masse?

How to delete fake page followers en masse?

I can see that you have bought followers, and now you regret it! It is fine; there are many ways to get rid of the ghosts you have gathered on your Instagram.

Or you might be innocent and not tempted to buy followers, but still, you have ghosts and are thinking of deleting fake Instagram page followers in masse.

With these new algorithms that Instagram presents, you know there is no need for many followers if they are not engaging and interacting.

The first and most important thing on Instagram is to have active followers who like, comment, and send messages to you! These are more valuable than the numbers.

In this section, we present some Instagram fake followers removal tools so you can remove them in mass and make your account clean.

Let’s look at some practical methods for mass deleting fake Instagram followers.

How to delete fake page followers en masse?

How do you identify fake followers on Instagram & delete them in bulk?

This section briefly explains how you can spot fake followers and identify them. It helps you to avoid removing real Instagram followers by mistake.

After that, we introduce the most practical ways to delete passive accounts on your Instagram and enhance your engagement.

How do you identify fake followers on Instagram & delete them in bulk?


To identify the ghost or fake followers on Instagram, you can use the tips below:

  1. Lack of profile photo or a suspicious profile

This is an ordinary and universal thing! If an account is missing a profile photo or a clear bio or posting absurdity and using unclear usernames, you can add them to the fake followers list and delete them.

  1. They have no activity on Instagram. 

The pages that show no interaction, not with you or any other accounts, are fake. If you can’t see their likes or comments on the mutual followers’ content, removing them from your followers/followers list is better.

  1. So many followers but no followers!

Despite not having a proper profile image, some fake or ghost accounts might have so many followers that it is worth mentioning that they are affected, too! Generally, the other notable feature is having an unbalanced follower-following ratio.

So don’t get tricked by the number of fake followers, and if these accounts have the two upper characteristics, add them to your block list.

The other features showing reflags for Instagram accounts have irrelevant interests (you can guess it from the posts they might share or the accounts they follow) _ followers or following having strange locations and using less common languages.

So many followers but no followers!

Now, let’s find out how we can omit fake Instagram followers.

How do you remove fake followers in bulk on Instagram?

You can analyze your followers and evaluate their qualities and activities based on what we mentioned so far to detect inactive followers on the Instagram profile.

However, it is time-consuming, and you may consider utilizing some free apps and tools to assess your audience’s quality and engagement.

In the following part, we mention some of the most used tools for deleting Instagram fake followers in mass, and we explain each of them briefly.

How do you remove fake followers in bulk on Instagram?

  • Popsters (Paid Online Tool)

This website helps you track one of your social media app’s analytics, and it is used by some Instagrammers who have concerns about their account and spot and then delete spam pages on Instagram.

If you don’t have a business or creator account, you don’t have to pay for such tools. Let’s see the other ones.

  • Reports+ Unfollowers Followers (iOS Users)

This is an excellent app for iPhone users in which you can get the most accurate and powerful Instagram analytics on your iPad and iOS device, too.

Some of the features of this app are listed below:

  • Helps to get to know your most active followers.
  • Spot the followers that are not interacting with your Instagram content anymore.
  • Observe your Instagram analytics.
  • Instantly see who’s following and unfollowing you.

Now, let’s present another app for Android users.

  • Instagram Cleaner (For Android Users)

This app is up-to-date, with the latest version published in August 2023. You can unfollow fake users with this app, which helps you manage your Instagram followers.

  • Social Blade & HypeAuditor

These are online tools that help to spot fake Instagram influencers! Yes, you heard me right! These tools are great analytics websites that allow you to track your Instagram information and statistics.

Social Blade is not only for viewing your Instagram insights; you can use it for other apps like Twitch, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, etc.

Other tools like SocialKit, SpamGuard, and InstaHero are excellent. Despite being paid, they have a limited trial time to get to know them better.

These are just some tools and apps you can utilize to spot and remove your fake Instagram followers in mass. The reason we are introducing this app is because of their accuracy and their time efficiency.

The reasons for using third-party tools to eliminate fake following accounts on Instagram are:

  1. Accurateness: Famous and trustable agencies accurately identify fake Instagram followers.
  2. Efficiency: These tools help you to remove ghost followers from your profile efficiently.
  3. Saving time: Apps and tools are easy to use and save time.

Now that you know these tools, let’s wrap it all up.

The final words

It is essential to eliminate fake followers from your followers and following list to have a better and smoother experience and enhance Instagram insight.

As mentioned in the introduction, there is no need for fake and ghost followers; the only vital things are engagement and reach.

To make your Instagram account a better and more active account, try to get rid of fake followers from following your page maint, gain genuine followers, and improve Instagram engagement.

How do you remove fake Instagram followers in bulk? Do you use tools and apps, or do you spot them whenever you can? Which way do you prefer?

Please make a discussion down below.

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