features of Instagram reel music trends for 2023

features of Instagram reel music trends for 2023

What are the top Instagram reel music trends for 2023?

Since video content started ruling the Instagram kingdom, the role of music has become bolder and bolder.

Whether you want to grow your blog or have a business account to enhance, music and choosing trend tracks for your videos and reels are crucial. 

Sharing reels with trendy music is a common way of producing content on Instagram, and it has been proven that it increases the engagement and reach of the creators’ accounts.

In this guide, we want to know the best-trending songs in 2023 and use them to attract more audience and followers. 

Although this list is changing all the time, some tracks have been used since the beginning of the year and are still trendy.

Let’s see how to use music in Instagram Reels 2023.

What are the top Instagram reel music trends for 2023?

What are the trending tracks on Instagram to use in Reels?

If you are looking for the best music to bring your Instagram Reels to another level and keep the users’ eyes on your reel for increasing watch time, you are in the right place.

In the following section, we have listed the top music for your Instagram content so you can find your ideal track:

  1. Say Yes to Heaven (Sped Up) – Lana Del Rey

Lana Del Ray is one of the most famous artists in the music industry, so it is no wonder that one of her music tracks is the first one.

Right now, 1.4K reels on Instagram have this music. It is smooth and light music, which is perfect for dreamy content.

What are the trending tracks on Instagram to use in Reels?

  1. Flower – JISOO

Jisoo is a member of the Blackpink band. This music has a Spring-Summer vibe with a funky, modern beat; you can use it as background music for your content or try the Flower Dance challenge and share it with your followers.

1.3M reels on Instagram are using this piece of music. This is a fashion Instagram music trend to use on your reel.

  1. Die for You – The Weeknd Ft. Ariana Grande

A top music list is only complete with The Weeknd. This pop singer knows how to make all-time hits that are catchy and great to use on Instagram and TikTok.

With Ariana Grande’s collaboration, this music is soft enough for your background music, and 142K users have shared content with it.

  1. Flowers – Miley Cyrus

We can buy me flowers and write my name in the sand… the lyrics still start playing in your mind since it has been popular since its release, and users on TikTok and Instagram love this self-love song. It is mainly used for inspiring content with 4M number of reels. It is Miley, after all!

  1. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 

It is one of Instagram’s best music tracks for businesses and influencers. You can picture the days of your professional life and use this audio to show off your work days, makeup looks, or anything that happens in one week.

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 

There are 76K Instagram reels that you can be inspired by. So, if you are looking for the best Instagram reel music for businesses, this is the one!

  1. You’ve Arrived 

An excellent audio for travelers and vloggers on Instagram. If you are obsessed with traveling and sightseeing, you can use this mashup to share stunning shots of your favorite spots and epic views to double or triple your reel view and impression.

  1. Hi Barbie, Hi Ken

The movie “Barbie,” is the foundation of this trend on Instagram. If you are drawn to pink content or already have one in the pink theme, you can use this audio to spotlight your products, outfits, or anything in pink.

  1. Hard Times – Paramore 

The other trending music on Instagram with 24.4K shared reels. This tune is used in universal Instagram content, such as reels where people change their looks, which is quite impressive.

  1. Food Is a Love Language

It is one of the top trend Instagram music tracks for the food or café industries. If you have a restaurant, pastry, or café, or bake at home, and you have a small business related to these, this track 100% boosts your content. Use it, and you will thank us later. 

This is also great for the pages that share delicious recipes on Instagram.

10. Style – Taylor’s Version

The most popular pop singer’s music is trending with 23.5K reels. There are lots of trending songs that she makes. As she has millions of fans worldwide, adding any of her songs to your content would be a great hit on your Instagram page.

How to use music in Instagram Reels?

It is better to know that you should find music based on the content you have to give the right vibe to your audience. This is an essential tip for searching music for your reels on Instagram.

If you don’t know how to find music based on their mood on Instagram Reels, here you can find some of them:

  • Upbeat, danceable & Vibrant 

  1. Makeba – (Remix) by Jain
  2. Diet Mountain Dew – Poppy
  3. Strangers – Kenya Grace
  • Classic & nostalgic vibes

  1. Moonlight Serenade – Glenn Miller
  2. Prada – cassö, RAYE, and D-Block Europe
  3. A Pimp Named Slickback – Lakim
  • Ocean & see vibe music

  1. Ocean Eyes – Billie Eilish
  2. Island In The Sun – Weezer
  3. Waves – Kanye West

Now, after mentioning some trending tracks that are game-changers for your reels, let’s see how to find music for spins on Instagram.

How to find & save trending music for Instagram Reels 2023?

If you are out of ideas and can’t find the right music for your Reel content, head to the Reels section on Instagram and scroll a bit to see various types of videos and trendy music that you can look up to.

This is how you can stay current and keep your account’s impression high.

Now, if you found an impressive song on Instagram, here is the way you can save it:

  • Instagram Reels saving method 1
  • On Instagram Reel, you spot and tap on the name of the audio you like.
  • Then, next to the “Use Audio” option, you will see “Save Audio.”
  • To access the music you saved on Instagram, you have to heat to the + sign on the bottom of your screen and start creating a reel.
  • After that, hit the music icon on the left side.
  • Tapping on that, you will see the “Save,” where you can find all your Saved music.
  • Instagram Reels saving method 2
  1. Head to your Instagram profile and click on the three lines in the top right of the screen.
  2. Find the “Saved” And then the” Audio” part.
  3. Here, you can find all your saved songs on Instagram.

We tried to cover all the tips related to finding music on Instagram and reached the end of our article. Thus, let’s conclude.

How to find & save trending music for Instagram Reels 2023?

The final words

From catchy and rhythmic tunes to chilly melodies, music influences renovate primary Instagram reels into captivating ones that create a lasting impression for other users.

The music choices made by Reel creators, if correct and based on the content video, can convince viewers to stay on your reel and watch it till the end, or even watch it multiple times.

As a content creator, you must know or find the latest trends and understand the impact of music on viewer engagement.

This is why we have added the top Instagram Reels music trends in 2023, so you can have a comprehensive list and extract some ideas from it.

You can find the best Instagram Reel music for fashion, baking, traveling, or even dancing on our list.

If you want extra top Instagram Reels music, mention for what purpose you need and tell us the best-trending songs in 2023 if you know more.

We are waiting for your comments below.

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