Features of Instagram Reel Stuck on Preparing:How to Get Your Reel Moving

Features of Instagram Reel Stuck on Preparing:How to Get Your Reel Moving

Instagram Reel Stuck on Preparing: Here’s How to Get Your Reel Moving

Making creative reels for your Instagram page is already a time-consuming and essential job requiring lots of attention, but if you see problems while uploading it, it would be frustrating.

Many creators and influencers on Instagram make too much effort to create engaging and attractive reels for their followers, so it would be heartbreaking if you were stuck in the preparing section and couldn’t finish editing and posting your reels.

Reels are a significant type of content on Instagram nowadays, which directly affects your performance on Instagram.

So, in this guide, we will dig into the Instagram Reel preparation error and provide instructions to remedy this issue.

Keep reading this article if you want to fix your Instagram reel stuck on preparing.

Instagram Reel Stuck on Preparing: Here's How to Get Your Reel Moving

Reasons & Troubleshooting Steps for Instagram Reel Stuck on Preparing

In the beginning, we dived into why Instagram reels are stuck and not uploading, and after that, we tried to come up with practical solutions so you can upload your content smoothly.

Reasons & Troubleshooting Steps for Instagram Reel Stuck on Preparing

Here are the ins and outs of Instagram Reel upload stuck for all devices:

  1. Problems in your Network Connection: Check the Connection

  2. The first reason that pops into our minds while facing problems uploading or creating content on Instagram is our network connection.
  3. So, you have to ensure a stable internet connection by checking that your WiFi is working correctly, or if you want, you can switch to mobile data.
  4. Total Storage Space: Free it up!

If your reel is sticking in the preparation step, it might be due to the storage fullness. So, you must free up storage space by deleting the unnecessary files to create sufficient storage for your apps to operate well. 

Instagram takes up so much cache while operating, and you have to make its operation smooth if you see any delays or bugs in the app.

  1. Instagram App Glitches or Bugs: Update your app

Glitches and bugs are permanent guests to all apps, and Instagram is no exception; in this case, you must restart the Instagram app. 

If your reel is stuck on preparing, you can close it and reopen the app to refresh the processes.

Instagram App Glitches or Bugs: Update your app

You can take these four actions to overcome Instagram bugs and stop reels from sticking:

  •       Clear Instagram App Cache:Eliminate temporary data to remove potential conflicts.
  •       Update Instagram:Install the latest version to ensure compatibility with the app.
  •       Force Quit and Relaunch the App:Completely terminate and restart Instagram. This might be helpful.
  •       Uninstall and Reinstall the App:This can make the Instagram app eliminate any corrupted files.

If you face any problems with an app, especially Instagram, you can take these actions, and someone will come to save you.

  1. Complexity or Excessive Reel Length: Make it short

Instagram reel length is up to 90 seconds (1:30 min), and it won’t support longer videos. If you post a reel, ensure your revolution is the standard length to avoid problems while uploading and getting stuck on preparing. 

The video format you are posting as your reels should be MP4, but MOV or GIF are also acceptable.

Complexity or Excessive Reel Length: Make it short

  1. Issues in Your Device Operating System: Try with another device

Well, let’s move on from the Instagram problem investigation and take a look at your phone devices!

If the solutions mentioned above do not work in the first place, there might be some issues with your device compatibility.

You can make sure that your device meets the minimum system requirements for Instagram Reels:

  • The Android version must be 5.0 or higher.
  • And for iOS users, it should be iOS 14.0 or later.

You can also try a different device or operating system and again test the reel upload on another device to see if the reel is still stuck in the preparation process.

  1. A Banned Account or Video: Check for the Instagram policies

  2. If the upload of a reel gets stuck at the beginning, the last possibility is that your Instagram account is blocked or banned.
  3. Pay more attention to not upload any videos that violate the Instagram Community Guidelines and Terms of Use.
  4. These were all the possible reasons why your Instagram reel is stuck on preparing and their solutions; you can also report this issue to the Instagram Support Team on the app’s Help Center section, located in the setting, and ask for their guidance.

Now that you know all the possibilities why you are facing delays in posting your reel, let’s wrap it up.

The final words

Does Instagram reel stuck posting? Do not worry at all. We have made a list of all the possible reasons for this and gave the solution for each one.

As you navigate on Instagram as a content creator, you may encounter hiccups, from failed photo uploads on the story section to reel processing delays.

With the help of the solutions outlined in our article, you can effectively tackle any Instagram issue you might face in uploading, processing, or posting.

If you have any questions on Instagram reel stuck on preparing and you want to know how to get your spin moving, ask us anything you want in the box below.

We would be delighted to help you out.

Have you ever encountered an Instagram reel stuck on preparing?

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