What are the Instagram Reels for Mental Health Awareness?

What are the Instagram Reels for Mental Health Awareness?

Over and over, with the expansion of Instagram and all social media, people of different ages, situations, and life expectancies started using this visual content gatherer.

After a while, the theory of mental health and social media was raised by researchers, and it concerned all the attention to this point. 

Is Instagram harmful to mental health? Do mental health problems increase with using or overusing social media?

This concern started a turning point in exploring Instagram and made people conscious. People began using Instagram Reels for mental health advocacy and created inspiring mental health discussions on Instagram Reels for other users to help this community prevent facing such issues. 

In this article, we want to see if spreading mental health awareness via Instagram Reels is possible and how influencers and others with a voice are doing this task.

Creating mental health awareness content on Instagram

  • Mental health awareness on Instagram is a new topic, but it was always a big concern. This is why people started creating Instagram accounts that investigate mental issues. 
  • So here we dedicate our time to see what the accounts for mental health on Instagram provide mental health tips and advice through Reels on this platform.

Creating mental health awareness content on Instagram

First, let’s introduce the best accounts for mental health on Instagram:

What are the best accounts for mental health on Instagram?

  1. First, let’s learn a trick! If you want to see the mental health-related Instagram reels on your feed, you can follow the target hashtags and have the content without following any specific account. 
  2. In this case, you will see all recent Instagram reels for mental health awareness, and this is not limited to one account. 

Hashtags you can follow are: #Mentalhealth, # #MentalHealthAwareness, #ShiftYourMindset, #PersonalGrowth, #SelfGrowth, #SelfCareMatters, #Selfcare

Let’s get familiar with the accounts:

  1. @headspace

The first and last mission of this account is to improve the mental health and happiness of the people using Instagram worldwide

This account’s content on Instagram makes your feed full of informative and supportive content. This account helps with mental health promotion through Instagram content such as reels.


  1. @makedaisychains

Hannah Daisy is an artist who combines her passion with mental health. She posts drawings that inspire conversations about self-harm and recovery. 

She cares about the small acts of kindness and self-love that people can do daily to help improve their mental health awareness. You can find dozens of positive affirmations on her feed and get inspired.

  1. @mentl.sesh

On this account, there are so many great guidelines and pointers to deal with mental health for Instagram users, and if you want to have access to its great content, you should just search for the username on the search bar and start following this page.


  1. @wetheurban

This Instagram account mostly posts encouraging and insightful words. You can find everything from offering assistance to giving life-changing advice, making this account worth following. 

This page also specializes in speaking out on important issues. Even reading the bio section makes you understand this Instagram account’s mission in the mental awareness field.

  1. @mentalhealthwithsonali (Sonali Gupta)

She is an Indian psychologist living in Mumbai who has worked as a mental health guide for more than 14 years. 

On this account, she shares posts aimed at raising mental health awareness, eliminating stereotypes about mental illnesses, and instructions for increasing self-love and other related things.

@mentalhealthwithsonali (Sonali Gupta)

  1. @mentalhealthcoalition (The Mental Health Coalition)

The Mental Health Coalition aims to build a network of people on Instagram who collaborate on mental health concerns. 

They are a coalition of significant mental health organizations and individuals working to eliminate the stigma associated with mental illnesses and change the way individuals talk about and handle mental illness.   

Now that you are familiar with some of the best accounts on Instagram that share awareness of mental health and mental issues, let’s see if Instagram is good for mental health.

Is Instagram Reels good for mental health awareness? 

You can find engaging mental health topics on Instagram Reels, but here, we examine whether Instagram is a good source for mental health.

People often use Instagram in their rest time or when they want to skip the hard day for half an hour and be in a peaceful place. But can you find such an environment on Instagram?

The answer is yes and no! It depends on you and the accounts you follow on this vase world of color.

  • Don’t be tricked by beautiful photos and profile pictures.

One of Instagram’s most effective mental health messages is not to get overwhelmed by all the beauty you see, as it might not seem what it is. 

  • Focusing on branding and marketing more than mental health issues.

There is no doubt that you can find content like Instagram reels for mental health awareness on this platform, but you have to find the accounts and related content by using hashtags. 

In this case, your feed would be full of inspiring and living tips you want to see when entering Instagram.

If you know these two facts, you can have the best of Instagram and maintain a healthy lifestyle with Instagram’s help.

Thinking of this issue, do you like to be the one who shares Instagram reels for mental health?

Final thoughts

In this article, we examined accounts that share Instagram Reels for mental wellness promotion or other content to help people find guides and instructions to increase their self-esteem and self-care.

Is sharing Instagram content related to mental health and self-care important? 

In the comment section, please share your ideas on Instagram Reels for mental wellness promotion. We would be happy to know your thoughts.

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