Instagram Top 10 Bloggers: Travel & Lifestyle Accounts

Instagram Top 10 Bloggers: Travel & Lifestyle Accounts

Instagram Top 10 Bloggers: Travel & Lifestyle Accounts

Are you tired of your regular homepage and exploring Instagram and want to add some luxurious and adventurous content to them? So, you better start following different accounts!

In this article, we have gathered the best travel bloggers and lifestyle influencers on Instagram so you can follow their accounts and explore the world from their perspectives.

We have chosen to write about Instagram’s top 10 bloggers in travel and lifestyle (five in each!) so you can get inspired and add some color and excitement to your feed on this popular application.

We know many bloggers and influencers on Instagram, but some are popular and create better and more creative content. So, stay till the end and get familiar with these stylish people!

Instagram Top 5 Travel Bloggers & Influencers

You can check the Instagram accounts listed here for adventure and professional advice.

Are you ready to be whisked away to exotic locales and see the world through the eyes of these compelling travel influencers on Instagram?

Follow us as we dig into the enthralling lives of these Instagram travel bloggers and influencers, and let their remarkable adventures inspire your wanderlust.

  1. Louis Cole: @Louiscole: 1M followers

He has a channel on YouTube called “FunForLouis,” which has almost 2 million subscribers. He also has 1 million followers on Instagram because he poses daily on these two platforms and shows the adventurous aspects of the world to his fans and followers as a travel influencer on Instagram.

Since he is so active on social media, especially Instagram and YouTube, he can be at the top of our list of Instagram’s top travel bloggers!

Louis Cole: @Louiscole: 1M followers

  1. The bucket list family: @thebucketlistfamily: 2.9M Followers

Are you shocked by the name? Yes, it is not an influencer. The Bucket List family is a happy family that blogs their moments in travels for their followers on Instagram.

You can follow this family blogger and enjoy their travel blogs on Instagram and YouTube.

  1. Brooke Saward: @worldwanderlust: 526K Followers 

She is not only on YouTube and Instagram but also has a website and shares the mesmerizing moments of her travel with everyone.

Brooke Sward is a trendy influencer on our list and can be counted as Instagram’s most famous travel blogger. Just taking a simple look at her Instagram account makes a big difference.

Brooke Saward: @worldwanderlust: 526K Followers 

  1. Jimmy Chin: @jimmychin: 3.5M Followers

He is an American National Geographic photographer and filmmaker. He is passionate about sharing his adventures as an Instagram travel influencer, from majestic mountains to serene seas and mesmerizing northern lights.

His captivating photos and videos have captivated over 3 million Instagram followers, inspiring them to dream of exploring the world.

Jimmy Chin: @jimmychin: 3.5M Followers

  1. Helen Jannesonbense: @helen_jannesonbense: 695K Followers

Helen Jannseson Bense has been sharing her travel adventures and lifestyle advice with her Instagram followers since 2016.

Her posts are packed with inspiring content, including beautiful photos and videos of her travels worldwide. Her Instagram account now has 695k followers, and her pictures are stunning.

Now that you know, Instagram travel bloggers turn to lifestyle travelers and their Instagram accounts.


Instagram Top 5 Lifestyle Bloggers & Influencers

In today’s digital environment, Instagram has become an outlet for lifestyle lovers to express their hobbies, encourage others, and build a dedicated following.

From sharing scrumptious culinary dishes to presenting elegant fashion combinations, these top 5 Instagram lifestyle bloggers and influencers have converted Instagram users’ feeds into virtual havens of inspiration.

Let’s meet them!

  • Chiara Ferragni: @Chiaraferragni: 29.4M Followers 

Regarding style and fashion, you know there are always the number one Italians! Chiara Ferragni is an Italian top lifestyle influencer on Instagram, and she is also a model who has collaborated with influencers and beauty brands throughout her career.

Besides her career on Instagram as a lifestyle influencer, she is also a successful businesswoman and fashion designer.

Chiara Ferragni: @Chiaraferragni: 29.4M Followers 

  • Savannah Joyyy: @savannah_joyyy: 178K followers

She is a fitness lifestyle blogger who shares amazing workout pictures on this platform, inspiring people to get healthier and fit. This female athlete is a fitness coach; you can see her work on her Instagram page.

  • Wesley Taylor: @sirwestaytay: 60.5K Followes 

He is an Instagram lifestyle influencer based in Chicago who has captured the hearts of over 60K Instagram followers with his charming posts.

Wesley Taylor is a self-proclaimed plant enthusiast, vinyl collector, and occasional foodie, showcasing his indoor and outdoor cozy lifestyle.

His feed is a visual delight, featuring captivating images transporting viewers into his world. Wes has partnered with brands like Campari and Vitruvi, further expanding his reach and influence.

  • Leandra Medine Cohen: @leandramcohen: 1.1M Followers

If you are looking for someone who is not only a lifestyle influencer, you are in the right place! Leandra Medine Cohen is an American author, blogger, and humor writer.

  • Zoe Sugg: @zoesugg: 9.2M followers

Last but not least, we have Zoe Sugg, a famous lifestyle influencer on Instagram with more than 9 million followers. She has her own Beauty cosmetics and is very popular for that.

These are the top 10 Instagram bloggers and influencers you can follow and get inspired by in your travels and lifestyle, as they are extraordinary in their jobs.

The Final words

In conclusion, these top 10 Instagram bloggers are a great source of inspiration in travel and lifestyle for millions of Instagram users.

Whether you desire to travel adventures, some searching for fashion inspiration, or simply a touch of everyday magic, these Instagram stars have something to offer everyone.

So, what are you waiting for? Search their account and start following them. Let their creativity ignite your passions for travel, style, and living life to the fullest.

Don’t forget to share your thoughts and discoveries in the comments below about our discussed topic, “Instagram Top 10 Bloggers: Travel & Lifestyle Accounts.”

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