Instagram Copy Caption

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A step-by-step guide to copying Instagram caption

To use the DJdownloader tool in the case of downloading and copying Instagram captions, you need to follow the steps below:

locate your favourite caption

Open the Instagram app or website on your device and find the post that you want to copy its caption.

Copy the post URL or link

Tap on the three dots above the post and click on copy link.

Paste the copied link

Open a browser on your device and head to website, and paste your copied link or URL in the search box.

Copy the caption

Once you paste the post URL in the search bar, please tap on the search button, and when the caption appears, copy it.

What Is Instagram Copy Caption?

Posting content on Instagram and being active is an integral part of social media platforms.

As you know, uploading a post on Instagram is short and can be done in a few steps; the main issue you may face is finding an appropriate and related caption for your post.

Speaking of our own experience, coming up with a suitable and relevant caption for an Instagram post is challenging, and even if we find our favourite caption on Instagram, we take a screenshot from the caption and type the same caption under our post, which is tedious since you need to switch between two apps.

You cannot directly select a caption and copy it on Instagram to input it elsewhere.

So, what comes in handy in this situation?

The best tool we can offer you to download or copy the post without undergoing tough work is available online, and you can directly download the Instagram caption is the DJdownloader tool.

DJdownloader site is a web-based tool that provides different tools for those who want to download content originating from Instagram.

On this website, we address your issue when you want to download Instagram captions effortlessly and get rid of typing captions manually, saving you time and energy.

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Instagram Copy Caption

Why should you choose the DJdownloader website to use?

Here is the list of features that the DJdownloader tool offers you when you want to copy the Instagram caption.

It is easy to use

As you see, copying an Instagram caption includes a few steps, including copying and pasting the post URL in the search bar

No payment required

Thanks to the website allowing you to benefit from its tool for %100 free and don’t pay money.

Copying an unlimited number of

captions You can do it individually, whether you want to copy the caption of one post or numerous posts.

No account is required.

To ease the process of using the tools of this website, we don't ask you to create an account or register. The only place that you need to log in is your Instagram account.


Whether your favourite caption belongs to a photo or video, you can copy and paste the caption for your content.

Sure, when you want to copy the Instagram caption using this website, you can do it for free.

Yes, you can choose a piece of caption you want to paste to your content. So, you don’t need to worry about it using this tool.

Yes, when you copy the caption, all type of text used in the caption, including hashtags, is copied as well.

Using stickers in the captions adds more sense to the content allowing users to engage more with the content, and you can copy them with the DJdownlaoder tool.

As a result, if you prefer stickers in your copied caption, you can select them when you want to copy them.

There is no need to register on the website to copy the Instagram caption; log in to your Instagram account to locate your favourite caption.

Why not? Regardless of your device type, you can open a browser and navigate to website to copy your wished caption.

Without a doubt, typing Instagram caption manually is time-consuming, but this tool helps you copy and paste Instagram captions with a few clicks.