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A step-by-step guide to using the Instagram hashtag generator

Here are the steps that you need to follow to generate hashtags with DJdownloader:

Explain about photo or video

Open your browser and head to this website, then explain your photo or video with some keywords in the search box.

Generate hashtags

Tap the generate button to see a list of hashtags related to your photo or video's subject.

Copy the hashtags

In this step, you can select hashtags that best match your content and copy them.

Paste the hashtags

Open your Instagram and paste your copied hashtags on the Instagram post, and then share it.

What is an Instagram hashtag generator?

Hashtag is a word or phrase shown with a symbol of # on Instagram or any social media platform. Adding hashtags on posts lets users detect content with specific topics or trends more quickly.

Also, using hashtags on Instagram is crucial in highlighting posts and increasing their visibility on the platform’s Explore page for users searching for similar hashtags.

Consequently, incorporating hashtags can lead to a wider audience viewing your content, potentially resulting in increased engagement, such as likes, comments, and views. This can have a positive impact on the growth of your Instagram page.

So, to use a suitable hashtag for your Instagram posts, you will need a hashtag generator to help you add appropriate and related hashtags to your post to get more views.

DJdonwloader is a reliable tool enabling you to use its hashtag generator tool to generate suitable hashtags. That is an AI-based tool in over 15 billion hashtags shared on Instagram. Being updated regularly allows you to keep pace with new and trend hashtags.

When you use the site, you can be confident that you are not using old and out version hashtags for your post and write suitable hashtags.

Therefore, you will retain a golden time for getting high post visibility, and you can reach high views at the first moment of sharing your post with appropriate and trend hashtags on your post.

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Why should you choose the DJdownloader website to use?

Here are reasons that you need to navigate the website to use its feature:

Free tool

It does not cost anything for you when you use DJdownloader for generating hashtags.

No registry is required

You don't need to register on the website or sign up to use this platform.

Saving time

As this platform performs quickly, you will not lose time using it, and you can add your favorite hashtags in a few seconds on your Instagram posts.

No account is required.

To ease the process of using the tools of this website, we don't ask you to create an account or register. The only place that you need to log in is your Instagram account.

Easy to use

With inputting the subject of your content, you can end up with multiple ideas for hashtags, and you will be distinct from those irrelevant to your subject.

Supported by all OS & devices

When you use the website, you only need to open a web browser on your device regardless of your device or OS type.


The number of hashtags that you can use on Instagram can vary because of the kind of content that you want to post on Instagram.

You can add 30 hashtags optimally for Instagram posts, but it is better to add 9-19 hashtags to get more engagement.

Using many Instagram hashtags is only sometimes the best strategy, and it can be considered as getting more views in any situation.

On the other hand, you can target more important and related hashtags surrounding the content using a restricted number of hashtags.

No, all features DJdownloader offers are free, and you don’t need to pay anything.

Yes, with this platform, you can ensure you don’t miss any related hot hashtags for your Instagram content.

You don’t need to register or sign up for the website to use its feature.

Yes, utilizing a hashtag generator is fast and saves time using this website.

Yes, there is no difference that you use your phone or pc for generating hashtags. The only thing you need to do is open the best web browser on your device.

Why not? You can select the Instagram hashtags you find more relevant to your content instead of copying all hashtags which has nothing to do with your content.