Instagram Profile Picture Downloader

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A step-by-step guide to Instagram DP profile downloading

To download your Instagram profile picture, follow the steps below:

Locate the Instagram profile

Open the Instagram app or website and look for an account that you want to download its profile picture.

Copy the profile URL or link

In the profile picture, tap on the three-dots icon in the right-hand top corner and choose copy profile link option or copy the username.

ste the URL or username of the profile

Launch your favourite browser on your device, head to website, and paste your copied link or username in the search box.

Download the Instagram profile

Please tap on the search button; when the profile picture is ready, you can download it.

What is an Instagram DP downloader?

The Instagram profile picture is a small circle shape allowing users to share pictures.

It is visible to everyone on Instagram. However, unlike other social platforms, Instagram does not provide an option to view profile pictures in a larger size.

Due to this limitation, users often search for alternative methods to download Instagram profile pictures in high quality and larger sizes. In such cases, some tools are very useful.

DJdownloader is an online service offering several features enabling users to download any favourite content from Instagram, including stories, highlights, photos, videos, bio and more.

This website is designed to be user-friendly, making it easy for users to achieve their goals with just a few clicks, free and without creating an account.

To learn more about and how you can use it to save Instagram profile pictures, please continue reading the next section.

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Instagram Profile Picture Downloader

Why should you choose the DJdownloader website to use?

Here are the features of the website which make it distinctive among others:

Best quality

You can download your favourite Instagram profile picture with high quality.

Unlimited use

Using this website, you can download Instagram profile pictures once and several times.

%100 free

To use the DJdowloader tool, there is no need to charge or credit, and it is completely free.

No registration needed

Without downloading any app on your device or creating an account, this website offers many features.

Secure to use

One of the key advantages of using DJdownloader is that it does not require users to insert personal data. This means you can use its services with a feeling of security, knowing your personal information remains private.

Download anonymously website does not notify a profile that someone has downloaded your profile picture. You can download IG profile pictures without worrying about the profile owner being notified or alerted in any way.

Use from all devices & OS

Since you can use this tool by launching a browser on your device, you can use it on any device or OS


There is no limitation in the number of profile pictures you want to download with DJdownloader.

The format of the downloaded profile picture is JPG or PNG, which are the common format of images.

If you use the computer for downloading Instagram profile pictures, you need to open your Google Chrome browser and tap on the three dots icon on the right side of the screen on top, then choose the Downloads option.

But if you use your phone, you must head to your photos or gallery to see downloaded pictures.

No, to save profile pictures with the help of this tool, you don’t need to pay something.

Sure, you can download your favourite profile picture from any account.

Yes, whether you want to view the profile picture of a public or private account in HD quality, you can use it.

Once you click the search button on the website, the full-size profile picture appears to you.

You can zoom in to see more details when you download the picture.

You don’t need to have an account on Instagram to download a profile picture; you need to know the username of the account that you want to save its profile picture.

To find the profile URL of someone on Instagram, you must tap on the three dots icon in the right-side corner and choose Copy URL.