Instagram Reels Downloader

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A step-by-step guide to downloading Instagram Reels

The process of downloading Instagram reels is straightforward, and you can do it through the 4 steps as outlined below:

locate your loved Reels

Open the Instagram app or navigate the Instagram website on your device, log in to your account, and find the Reel you like.

Copy the Reels URL or link

After locating the Instagram Reel, you wish to download, tap on the three dots icon above the Reel and then Copy the Link.

Paste the Reel link

Head to the website and paste the Reel into the search box.

Download Reels

After pasting the link in the search bar, it is time to click on the download button. Once you press the download button, your file will be saved to your device.

What is an Instagram Reels downloader?

When you surf on the Instagram Explore page, you will come across numerous Reels, which are eye-catching and amusing.

The reels feature makes Instagram more appealing to anyone who spends lots of time watching multiple reels within minutes.

Some of these Reels on Instagram provide valuable training points and tips that you can use for creating your videos.

Suppose you want to save your favorite Instagram Reels on your device instead of on your Instagram account. In that case, you will be disappointed since no option on Instagram allows you to download Instagram Reels videos to your device and watch them when you are offline.

Therefore, to download Instagram Reels, you have no choice but to use online tools based on downloading content from Instagram.

One of these tools is website that you can use to download Instagram Reels.

Other tools of the DJ downloader site that you can use for free include:

Instagram Video Downloader

Instagram Profile Picture Downloader

Instagram Reels Downloader

Why should you choose the DJdownloader website to use?

When downloading Instagram videos and Reels with the help of a tool, it becomes important to know which features you will be provided with.

Here are the key features of using this tool:

Free to use

The first and foremost feature that you may consider while using a tool for downloading Instagram Reels is free service.

No registry

The registry process includes importing personal info, which no one welcomes since they care about preserving personal information.

High speed

Do you have time to wait for the downloading process? Neither do we. That's why we have enhanced our tool's technology to provide you with a high-speed downloading server for your favorite reels.

High resolution

In the case of videos or photos, quality always matters whether you want to use them personally or professionally. So, using the downloader tool allows you to end up with high-quality Instagram Reels.

Without watermark

When you want to upload a Reel on Instagram, having a watermark on the video will not seem well, and you want to upload a Reel like it is your own. So, you can rely on the downloader tool to ensure no watermark will appear on your Reels ‘video

Available on all devices & OS

If you concern that, does it work on your Android or iOS, there is no worry. You need only to open your loved browser to head to this website and use it.


Not you can use this tool for free whether you want to download Instagram Story, Highlight, or Reels.

It is legal to download Instagram Reels when you want to use it personally. But if you want to upload personal reels on the business account, you must get permission from the Reels creator.

The number of Reels that you can download is both unlimited and free. You can download as many Reels as you wish without caring about the limited access.

Undoubtedly, no one does not want to be caught while downloading others’ reels. Considering this, the djdownloader tool does not notify the account that you want to save its Reels.

Depending on the main quality of the Instagram Reels published on Instagram, you can download Reels with quality 1080p and 720p. If the quality of Reels is based on 1080p, you can also download it in 1080p resolution.

Whether you are new to the DJdownloader website or old, there is no need to create an account on this website. You can enjoy its tools freely.

If you used your pc for downloading Instagram Reels, you need to heat to download your browser’s history. But if you download Reels using your phone, you can find them in the download folder.