How can we do Download Followers List from Instagram?

How can we do Download Followers List from Instagram?

How To Download Followers List from Instagram?

Instagram followers list is where the normal users won’t pay attention so much, but on the other hand, the list is vital for those who have interaction with all of them and want to make all followers active.

Yes, you guessed right! Creators and business accounts need their list of followers to observe their potential customers and understand their followers’ demographics to categorize them for their aims and future campaigns.

This article shares ways to download a list of followers from Instagram.

Of course, Instagram won’t allow you to do it on the app, and you will need a third-party tool. Let’s not beat around the bush and start the discussion.

How To Download Followers List from Instagram?

How to download a followers list from Instagram for free?

If you wish to have a regularly engaged and encourage them to interact, or you want to know whether they have the potential to use your services, you should track them on this platform.

Instagram followers export is an essential item for savvy digital marketers and those who know the value of their followers one by one. For this purpose, you can find a list that includes apps and tools to obtain an Instagram followers list.

Some marketers might want to export their Instagram followers list in CSV, XLS, HTML, Excel, or PDF. Let’s see the tools and their functionality.

How to download a followers list from Instagram for free?

  1. InsExport – Ins Follower Export Tool

It is a Chrome extension that you can use on the Instagram webpage. It means that you have to log into your account on the Instagram web in Google Chrome and use this extension there.

This Instagram tool exports your followers (and even followings) to CSV format. Let’s see how InsExport works?

To use the InsExport tool, you only need three steps to take:

  1. After installing the extension, you have to enter your Instagram username
  2. Then select the export type: it can be the follower or following Instagram user list
  3. Tap on the “Export” button

Then, you will get your followers list in a CSV format. If you want to convert it to an Excel or a PDF file, it only takes you to search on Goole. Type: CSV to Excel converter, and it offers you various tools. Let’s move to the other one.

  1. Export Instagram Followers

If you have up to 500,000 followers, you can use this tool, but it is not free, and it would take you about 2 hours to extract your followers.

You can export and extract comments, followers, and likes on Instagram on this tool. They send you the list to your email address as an Excel file.

Export Instagram Followers

How to use it?

  1. Head to the web page and select the data you want to export.
  2. Enter the other data such as username, number export data, and email address. 
  3. Then, you can pay and receive the list in your mailbox.

The other tool, which is again an extension, is also great.

  1. Google Chrome (IGExport)

As a business account holder, if you are thinking about a powerful extension that can help public Instagram profiles extract and download their follower lists.

Google Chrome IG Follower Export tool works by taking the steps below:

  • Enter your Instagram’s public page username
  • Then you have to choose export type: following or followers list
  • You should include the followers’ count
  • And finally, tap on the export button to receive your data.

This is an excellent tool if you are eager to enhance your marketing strategies on Instagram.

  1. Instagram Scraper

After installing this extension, you only have one click to extract followers from Instagram in a CSV format. Other than followers, you can also remove the following count: posts count, bios, public Emails, external URLs, and Phone Numbers if they have them on their profile.

You can also export a user’s profile from the private accounts that follow you, and they follow you back. If you ship for the first time on this tool, for the next time, you can continue the extraction and save your time.

It has two versions: free and pro; you can purchase the pro version if you want to access more options.

But a question arises: Is this beneficial for a business account? Let’s examine the details.

Whether extracting Instagram followers benefit you depends on your aims and motivations for using your data. 

What are the benefits of downloading Instagram followers list benefits?

If you extract your follower list, you will have insights into the characteristics of your audience, such as their age, gender, location, and interests.

This information can help you to spot your target audience and function better in your business.

What are the benefits of downloading Instagram followers list benefits?

The other significant advantages are:

  • Identifying potential influencers to collaborate

Examining your follower list can benefit identifying influencers or other business accounts in your list, and it caters to collaborating with these users to expand your reach and enhance your brand’s trustworthiness.

  • Observe followers’ engagement/enhancement.

Downloading and analyzing your Instagram follower list will help you monitor the growth of your account and inform you if your content strategy helps enhance your development.

  • Spot and remove fake and inactive followers

Fake and inactive followers can be harmful to your engagement and Instagram insight. You will see a great result if you detect them, start removing fake accounts, and encourage them to activate your inactive followers.

final words

Instagram is a leading platform for accessing many users, finding your potential, and targeting followers. Interacting with the right and potent people on this app helps you improve faster.

One of the ways to control your data and observe your community is to have a list of your Instagram followers. For this aim, we have included a list of great tools to help you download the Instagram followers list.

Of course, this is not possible on Instagram due to the strict policies, so read this article and find the most reliable tools that benefit your development on Instagram.

If you are using other tools, please mention them in the comments section so we can add them. You are more welcome to ask any question regarding the “How to download followers list from Instagram?” topic.

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