How is Instagram’s Add Post to Story Missing? (Reason & Solution)

How is Instagram's Add Post to Story Missing? (Reason & Solution)

 Why is Instagram’s Add Post to Story Missing? (Reason & Solution)

Many users have started discussing how Instagram misses an “Add Post to Story” option.

Sharing posts straight to stories is a popular way to increase interaction and reach. However, this function sometimes disappears or is only available for some users.

This could be due to Instagram’s ongoing testing and changes, the user’s account settings, or a bug in the app.

Many people are curious and worried about the problem since the feature is essential to many users’ and companies’ social media plans.

Instagram users who depend on the platform for digital marketing and social networking must understand why Instagram adds posts to stories missing.

 Why is Instagram's Add Post to Story Missing? (Reason & Solution)

What are the reasons & solutions for Instagram’s adding posts to story missing problems?

As a popular function, Instagram’s “Add Post to Story” allows users to easily upload content from their feeds into their stories, increasing their exposure and interaction. On the other hand, this functionality may only sometimes be available or work as intended.

The Instagram add post to story missing problem may have several reasons, and each of them has to troubleshoot Instagram story issues that we listed below for you:

(6) Common reasons for Instagram’s “Add Post to Story” missing problem


  1. App Version Outdated

The first reason for the missing Instagram add post to the story can be that some elements of the Instagram app may not be accessible to you or will not function properly if you use an earlier version of the program.

App Version Outdated

  1. Feature Rollback or Testing

From time to time, Instagram may roll back or test new features by trying them with a specific set of users or temporarily removing them to perform improvements, and this act is the other reason for Instagram adding posts to story missing issues.

  1. Account Type Restrictions

The other reason for this question, “Why Can’t I Add a Post to Instagram Story?” is that the availability of particular services may vary depending on your account, such as a personal account, a corporate account, or a creator account.

Account Type Restrictions

  1. Regional Restrictions

Due to local legislation or Instagram’s policy choices, some functions may be restricted or unavailable in particular locations or countries. This may be the case that certain features are not accessible at all, such as Instagram adding posts to the stories.

  1. Technical Glitches

Availability of functions may be impacted by technical glitches, which temporary bugs or server difficulties might cause, and it can also be the reason for Instagram to add posts to the story feature.

  1. Device Compatibility

Occasionally, certain features may only be compatible with some devices or operating systems. This is referred to as device compatibility. That is the last reason we can mention adding posts to the story problem.

Device Compatibility

(6) Practical solution for Instagram’s “Add Post to Story” missing problem


  1. Update the App

You should regularly check the app store on your smartphone for any new updates for Instagram and then install them if they are available. By this act, you can prevent the face of Instagram’s add-post-to-story problems.

  1. Switch Account Type

The second Instagram feature needing solutions is changing your account type. If you currently use a business or creator account, consider converting to a personal statement or vice versa. This is because some features are only available to certain account types.

  1. Check Instagram’s Help Center

The other troubleshooting method for fixing the Instagram add post to story missing issue is checking out the Help Center on Instagram to see if there are any official announcements or instructions on the availability of features.

  1. Reinstall the App

Problems that cannot be explained may occasionally be fixed by removing Instagram from your device and reinstalling it. So, when you face the problem of adding a post to a story on Instagram, you can reinstall the app.

  1. Restart Your Device

To resolve Instagram Story glitches, a simple device restart may resolve minor technical concerns.

  1. Check Internet Connection

Check that you have a reliable internet connection since problems with connectivity might impact the program’s operation, and add a post to a story on Instagram.

  1. Wait it Out

When you add your post to the story on Instagram and if Instagram’s internal testing or bugs cause the problem, it may correct itself if you wait it out.

  1. Seek Community Help


  1. To address all the problems you face on Instagram, such as the Instagram Story add post feature; you should look for assistance from the community by visiting online discussion boards or community groups where other people may share their experiences or solutions.
  2. After trying these alternatives, it could be a question of waiting for Instagram to fix any problems they might have.
  3. You may watch updates and community forums if you want to know when the function will be restored entirely or changed.

How to add a post to a story on Instagram? (step-by-step guide)

Instagram makes it easy to add posts to your story. Allow us to show you the way:

  • It all starts with opening the Instagram app on your smartphone.
  • You should find the position you want to share in your feed, on another user’s profile, or even on your feed.
  • Several icons will appear underneath the seat. Press the ‘share’ or ‘paper airplane’ symbol.
  • When prompted, choose “Add Post to Your Story” from the menu that appears when you touch the share symbol. Pick “Add post to your story” from this drop-down option. Be aware that this feature will only be available if the account whose post you share has made their account public and given permission for their post to be shared in stories.
  • After you make this selection, the post will be included in a fresh draft of your story. After that, you can personalize it just like any other narrative by adding stickers, text, and more.
  • If you’re happy with how it appears, hit the “Your Story” icon in the bottom left to share it with your story.

The final words

Instagram’s “Add Post to Story” feature may be missing due to outdated app versions, feature testing or rollbacks, account type restrictions, regional limitations, technical glitches, or device compatibility issues.

To fix this issue, users should update their app, switch account types, check Instagram’s Help Center, reinstall the app, restart their device, ensure a stable internet connection, or wait for Instagram to fix it.

Instagram users who utilize it for social media and digital marketing must understand these issues and remedies. It also shows how social media features may alter, develop, or vanish. Managing these changes and sustaining a strong Instagram presence requires being educated and agile.

So, let’s ask this question: are you faced with the missing issue of Instagram’s “Add Post to Story”? What was the problem, and how can you fix it?

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