Blocking Someone After Viewing Their Instagram Story

Blocking Someone After Viewing Their Instagram Story

Can You Block Someone After Viewing Their Instagram Story?

Will they know you watched their Instagram story if you block them? Consider this scenario that might happen to most of us:

You are following a person who is your ex, and you have forgotten that you didn’t block him after breaking up. You are over him. You are scrolling on Instagram, but suddenly, you open a story of your ex, and you feel nervous!

You don’t want them to see you have viewed their content as you are over them! What is the solution?

One of the features that keeps users on their toes is the Stories function, allowing glimpses into the daily lives of friends and acquaintances. However, the question on many minds is whether blocking someone after looking at their Instagram Story is possible.

In this article, we are going through this question and exploring the ins and outs of this intriguing topic.

Can You Block Someone After Viewing Their Instagram Story?

Does Instagram Hide Story Views After Blocking Someone?

Can you secretly block someone on Instagram after watching their Story? The straightforward answer is YES. The good news is that you can block a user after watching their Instagram story, and they won’t see you on their viewer list.

Instagram allows users to take control of their social media experience, including viewing the Instagram story.

But in some cases, Instagram reveals the content maker who has seen their Story; you can use some tricks and disappear from the view list!

Whether you’ve had a change of heart about a being in the story viewers list or follower list, blocking them is an option. But after stopping them, you will lose their account and all their content, so it is a complex choice!

If blocking the Instagram user from appearing on the story view is worth it, follow the guidance.

So here comes a question: how do you block someone after watching their Instagram story?

Steps to Block Someone After Viewing Their Story:

  • Head to Their Profile

To block someone after viewing their Story, find their Instagram profile. You can do this by searching for them in the search bar, or if they are accessible, tap on their username.

  • Access the Options Menu

Once you’re on their profile, find the three horizontal dots in the top-right corner. Tap on it to open a menu.

Steps to Block Someone After Viewing Their Story:

  • Select “Block”

  • Scroll down the options on the pop-up menu and select “Block.” Instagram will prompt you to confirm your decision, ensuring you want to block the user.
  • After confirming, the user is now blocked and will no longer have access to your content, including your Instagram Stories.
  • Also, if you have watched their Story, they won’t find out any more! But some might be worried about them finding out!

If I watch someone’s Instagram story & block them, will they know?

  • Most users are concerned about whether they can watch someone’s Instagram story and then block them without them knowing.
  • If you take action as quickly as possible, they won’t see you on their Instagram story view list. But you have to block them immediately and wait to postpone it for hours later as they might check their viewer’s list and see your username before you block them.

If I watch someone's Instagram story & block them, will they know?

So here, your speed is essential!

Does Instagram notify you if someone blocks you after viewing your Story?

  1. Now, it is the other side! If you are the user who has been blocked, will you be notified? Or would you be aware at all?
  2. Let’s see all the possible options about whether you can view someone’s Instagram Story and then block them without them knowing. And also whether or not Instagram notifies you if someone stops you after viewing your Story.

Based on a couple of tests, we can conclude the following regarding Instagram Stories and blocking:

  • Quick Blocking

If you block someone promptly after viewing their Story, your name will not appear on their viewer list. This means they won’t be notified that you’ve seen their content.

  • Instagram Polls & Question Responses

If you participate in a poll or question on their Story, your response will remain visible to them, but your username will not.

  • Unblocking the Instagram user

If you unblock the user within 48 hours, your name will reappear on their viewer list, and they’ll see your response to the poll or question.

  • Answering a Question & Blocking

If you answer a question and then block the Instagram user, your answer will be removed and only visible to them if you unblock them within 48 hours.

Answering a Question & Blocking

To Block a User After Viewing Their Story: Understand the Timing Factor!

As mentioned above, it’s crucial to note that blocking someone after viewing their Story can only hide your view if it’s done before the Story expires.

If you wait until the Story is no longer available, your view will remain visible to them until they delete their Story history. Viewing an Instagram story and then blocking someone requires just proper timing!

The final words

Blocking on Instagram can be a valuable tool for managing online interactions and protecting privacy.

Understanding how blocking affects Story views allows you to make informed decisions about your interactions on this platform.

This article discussed whether you can block someone after viewing their Instagram story. And shared all the possibilities of having interaction in their story section after stopping them.

The ability to block someone after viewing their Instagram story is a handy tool for Instagrammers to take control of their actions. Whether you’re reconsidering your social connections or seeking a more curated online experience, the process is simple and within reach.

If you have any questions about the process of blocking a user after watching their Story, share them with us in the comments.

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