Features of Hiding Former username on Instagram

Features of Hiding Former username on Instagram

How to Hide Former Usernames on Instagram?

As we go through the constantly shifting social media environment, it’s not uncommon for us to alter our online identity, beginning with our username.

Changing your Instagram username is something many people do for many reasons, such as starting over, establishing a personal brand, or ensuring personal safety. But now comes the hard part: separating oneself from your old username.

Instagram doesn’t have a built-in option to conceal your old usernames, but there are ways to make them less noticeable.

This tutorial will show you how to make sure your old Instagram account isn’t visible online in any way by using practical and efficient strategies.

We will review all the procedures to help you manage your Instagram online identity, from altering your privacy settings to curating your digital presence.

So, if you are one of the users who want to learn “How to hide a former username on Instagram?” follow us to dive into the details.

How to Hide Former Usernames on Instagram?


Is it possible to hide a former Instagram username?

The short answer is yes; you can remove your old login information on Instagram. If you’re okay with losing the data that comes with your old Instagram usernames, you can delete them.


Due to the large user base, Instagram cannot monitor every user behavior manually; instead, bots are used to do so. Therefore, you cannot alter your previous Instagram username without first causing the bot to respond and save the new username to your account.


Consequently, you will likely also have to deactivate your account if you want to remove all of the usernames associated with it. Alternatively, if you’d like to conceal your previous usernames from view on Instagram, we lay out the simple methods for doing so in the latter sections of this article.

Is it possible to hide a former Instagram username?


Step by steps for hiding former usernames on Instagram

One easy and efficient technique to protect your online identity and privacy is to conceal your previous Instagram usernames.

  Step by steps for hiding former usernames on Instagram

Here are the simple measures you need to take to hide your former usernames on Instagram from the public eye:

  1. Changing or hiding the username

  • Launch Instagram: Enter your Instagram login details.
  • View Profile: To access your profile, tap on your photo in the bottom right.
  • Control Panel: ‘Settings’ can be accessed by tapping the three horizontal lines (menu) above the right-hand side.
  • Profile Editing: Select “Edit Profile.”
  • Change or hide username: You can change your username by tapping the box for it, entering your new one, and your desire to hide it.
  1. Adjusting privacy settings

  • Go to settings and click on The profile menu, which is still the best way to access the options.
  • Select privacy: Go to the Privacy menu; Locate the ‘Privacy’ menu item and press on it.
  • “Private” your account: To set your account to private, toggle the switch. Your activity will be hidden from non-followers, and new followers will be restricted.

Adjusting privacy settings

  1. Managing tagged photos

  • Review Photos with Tags: Select the tagged photographs icon on your profile.
  • Take Out Tags: Choose your login and then tap on a picture. Select “Remove Me from Post” or “Hide from My Profile” to detach yourself from the image.
  1. Updating profile information

  • Edit Profile Bio: In the “Edit Profile Bio” section, you can delete any mention of your previous login username on Instagram.
  • Be sure to review your posts: If any postings still use your former username, go back and modify or delete them.
  1. Inform close contacts

  • Send messages: Notify your close friends and followers via direct messages that you have changed or hidden your Instagram username so they don’t use the previous one.
  1. Keeping an eye on your online reputation

  • Searching your former username: Instagram and other search engines may help you find your hidden former Instagram username if you want to see it again.
  • Request the removal of information: You can request the removal or updating of your previous username if you locate it in a controllable location.
  1. Attend to What’s coming up.

  • Stay Away from Instagram’s Former Username: In the future, do not mention your past username anywhere you post or comment.
  1. Become familiar with Instagram’s data policy.

  • Acquaint Yourself with Instagram’s Rules: Instagram can save your username history by their data standards; however, this information can become less apparent as time goes on.

What are the pros & cons of hiding a former username on Instagram?

When planning your online presence management strategy, it’s crucial to weigh the benefits and drawbacks of hiding your old Instagram username:

  • Pros

  1. The ability to conceal your previous login credentials on Instagram can significantly enhance your privacy, particularly if those credentials were associated with sensitive information you would prefer not to have the public know about.
  2. Regularly applying a new username is a great way to solidify your unique brand identification while rebranding.
  3. Change your Instagram username if it is used to draw unwanted attention; this might help lessen the amount of spam and harassment you get.
  4. Changing your username may be a way to start over, whether leaving behind negative connotations from your past or starting a new chapter in your career.
  5. The ability to manage your online persona is a powerful tool, and hiding your Instagram username is one way to do just that.
  • Cons 

  1. Your followers can get perplexed if they aren’t informed about the change, which might cause them to stop engaging or even unfollow you.
  2. If your Instagram’s previous username was associated with a strong brand or online presence, altering it might cause a temporary dip in awareness.
  3. People familiar with you under your former username on Instagram can need help locating your profile after the change.
  4. There can be some inconsistency in the text of older postings because any references to your previous username in those posts, comments, or tags are no longer applicable.
  5. Efforts to conceal your previous Instagram username can only partially be successful since the internet has a long memory.
  6. Changing your username on Instagram may take time and persistent work, so ensure it’s updated everywhere.

The final words

Manage your personal information on social media, especially Instagram, which can include deleting, changing, or hiding an old Instagram username.

This tutorial offers practical ways to conceal former Instagram usernames without a direct feature. Change your username, modify privacy settings, manage your online appearance, and notify your network to improve your privacy and brand identification.

Remember that the online world frequently holds ghosts of our past. Although these approaches can limit exposure, they cannot completely erase your prior username. Changes in usernames can cause follower confusion and brand awareness loss.

In the end, it is your turn to tell us your thoughts on “How to hide a former username on Instagram?”

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